New Year’s resolutions

Considering the sleep habits of most translators, lawyers and academics, I think this humorous talk by Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Internet newspaper Huffington Post, is excellent advice: “How to succeed? Get more sleep”!

Hope you enjoy it!

Also see this Wikipedia page to read about all the other New Years…

9 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. Could not have been more to the point. I do not (much) believe in coincidences; rather, in things happening for a reason, or according to a plan that is outside of ‘our’ reasoning. This was precisely one of the items in my “New Year resolutions” list: “sleep more, rest better”. And, (not intending to harp on the word ‘reason’), it stands to reason that when you are tired, or not sufficiently rested, your brain gets sluggish and you tend to make mistakes, or overlook errors or important details. This is valid, as you rightly say in your post, for us ‘sleep-deprivation addicts’ – translators, lawyers, academics, et al. (I am a member of the tribe, i.e., a translator).

    Happy New Year!

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