Monday smiles – Appropriate shoes

From 2009, a wonderful motion about a lawyer using shoes with holes in the soles to convince the jury that he is a “humble and simple” man and so frugal that he has to wear old shoes. He also apparently stands with his foot “crossed casually beside the other so that the holes (…) are readily apparent to the jury”.

Less amusingly, the media coverage of the shoe incident actually led to a mistrial verdict.

Continuing on the subject of shoes, for ladies this time, in its article “Are Peep-toe Shoes Too Provocative for Women Lawyers“, the American Bar Association journal quoted:

“In my day, I always wore pumps to court,” said a woman lawyer apparently in her 50s. “Can you believe this associate went to court with open-toe shoes?”

“Peep toes are marginally better than flat-out open-toe shoes, but even then a closed-toe shoe is the preference, – don’t wear open-toe shoes unless you’ve seen a much more senior lawyer do it.”

A more detailed account, including a range of women judges’ opinions on the issue, can be found on the website “Above the Law” here:

Regarding the case of holes in soles, credits go to Lowering the Bar, Kevin Underhill’s marvellous website that I wrote about it in this post.

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