CPD at City University, London

To round off this week on training, here are some details of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses offered by City University in London, UK.

City University also offers an MA degree in legal translation (see this post).

Dates for 2012 and 2013

Applications are considered for the following language combinations:

  • English into one of French, German, Italian, Polish, or Spanish
  • French, German or Spanish into English

You can only take one language combination at a time and must translate into your mother tongue. All language combinations are offered subject to demand.

The 4-day courses generally include 2 days looking at English law and translation theory, one day studying the foreign law and one day of workshops.

To find out more about the courses, contact translation@city.ac.uk

5 thoughts on “CPD at City University, London

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve attended one of their courses, and I’m thinking of doing contracts now. I missed financial translation last year due to other commitments, but I think I’ll manage to do it this year. Great value!

    • Hi Ana,

      Alas, the demand for Portuguese has never yet been great enough to justify running that particular language combination. Due to the fact the MA course is set up (which also affects these CPD courses, as they are part of the MA course) means that it is very expensive to run any given language combination- lecturers for that language’s legal system need to be found, as well as workshop tutors.

      On the one hand, I believe that this way of running the course provides unparalleled teaching, as our students are provided with the legal concepts and terminology in their respective languages, by legal experts from that jurisdiction, on the other hand, though, it means that the costs involved in paying those lecturers & workshop tutors, as well as travel expenses etc. are substantial.

      Of course, the MA was only set up in 2008, so that it’s still a fairly new course. We have already added Polish and Italian to the languages that are offered. Currently the translation courses at City are being reviewed by the University, so that we will have to wait and see what recommendations come out of that first, before we can offer any additional languages.

        • Hi Pamela,

          If you click on the title of each module (it should be in red and underlined in your browser), you will obtain more information. The email address given at the end of the post is the one to write to for more information.

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