Plain language in Denmark

Following my recent post on plain language in Portugal, and yesterday’s posts on the RELINE annual seminar, today I’d like to introduce you to Lene Rosenmeier, a lawyer, journalist and lecturer on clear writing, and Anne Kjærgaard from the Danish Language Council. In this 10-minute video, they talk about the plain language tradition in Denmark, and in particular about legal language. The tongue-in-cheek film editing is by Morten Rosenmeier. 🙂

The seminar mentioned in the video is going to be held in Danish. A summary may be provided in English at a later date.

Note: If anyone is interested in joining the RELINE Special Interest Group on plain language, the network is international, so those from other countries would be welcome. Contact: Lene Rosenmeier

On the subject of plain language, I would like to invite contributions from people from other countries to post about their national situation. I am happy to present all opinions – whether for or against the simplification of legal language.

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