Translating Europe Workshop – Aarhus, Denmark

The Department of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University in Denmark, in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Denmark and the Forbundet Kommunikation og Sprog is hosting a Translating Europe Workshop on the subject “Translation enriches Communication”. Continue reading

Plain language in Denmark

Following my recent post on plain language in Portugal, and yesterday’s posts on the RELINE annual seminar, today I’d like to introduce you to Lene Rosenmeier, a lawyer, journalist and lecturer on clear writing, and Anne Kjærgaard from the Danish Language Council. In this 10-minute video, they talk about the plain language tradition in Denmark, and in particular about legal language. The tongue-in-cheek film editing is by Morten Rosenmeier. 🙂

The seminar mentioned in the video is going to be held in Danish. A summary may be provided in English at a later date.

Note: If anyone is interested in joining the RELINE Special Interest Group on plain language, the network is international, so those from other countries would be welcome. Contact: Lene Rosenmeier

On the subject of plain language, I would like to invite contributions from people from other countries to post about their national situation. I am happy to present all opinions – whether for or against the simplification of legal language.