Most read posts 2012

PodiumFor all those who have started to follow the blog since the beginning of the year, or anyone who might have missed a post, here is a summary of the most read posts of the year. I’ve grouped them into ‘families’ for ease of use.

Actually, though, there is a really wide spread over the posts, and, even more pleasing for me, people continue to call up old posts a long time after their publication. As a blogger, it is really satisfying to know that the posts are still useful and don’t fall into the “published and forgotten” basket!

The ‘What exactly…‘ series


Guest posts


The Reporting from… series

hand gesture body languageNote: You can also use the “Categories” in the side-bar to the left if you want to find other posts; or the “Search” box at the top right. The “Top posts & pages” list that appears in the sidebar is updated in real-time and thus only shows the posts that are most viewed at the particular time you are consulting the blog.

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