We’re all about hounds & puppies this week :-), after the post including sponsoring a guide dog for the blind yesterday.

dochound_logoDocHound has been launched by the terminology unit at the Directorate-General Translation at the European Parliament, as a “one-stop-shop” link to useful document resources of all EU institutions gathered all at one single place.

Nice simple interface which doesn’t take hours to load, 😉 and well organized into groups, in my opinion.

TermCord, the terminology unit, also invites users to send in feedback on the page and resources.

Please note the disclaimer of the resource: “Some links might not work because they are intended for intra-institutional use only. These links are marked with an inverted bullet ( ◘ ) at the end.”

3 thoughts on “DocHound

  1. Dear Juliette,
    It is indeed a nice interface and I would like to thank you for letting us know about it.
    However, I am wondering how DocHound can help freelance translators in their work. Would it be more useful for translators who are working directly with Europe? As far as I am concerned, I use the IATE terminology which has been sufficient for my needs so far. I would highly appreciate it if you could give us more information on this subject.

    • Dear Anne,
      Certainly it will be more useful for translators working within Europe. However, translators outside those jurisdictions may also find the resources useful if, as is often the case, European documents are cited. As regards how they can be used, translators wishing to specialize often read or consult whole documents rather than terms alone (such as those provided on the IATE termbase), so as to improve their knowledge and use of target language, or to research relevant documents in the source language. Perhaps other translators can chip in here with more details?
      Hope this helps.

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