Monday smiles – Laundry suit

Today, a lawsuit about… a suit.

Housework: young woman doing laundry (shallow DOF; color toned image)According to the plaintiff, a French laundry (why French I ask myself – maybe a reader from America can shed light?) in California ruined her red Prada suit. She then filed for damages not only for the amount of the suit, but also for the red Prada shoes and red Prada bag (US: purse) “purchased solely to go with and be worn with the red Prada suit”.

Now ladies reading may well find this not funny but quite logical, as probably would certain nationalities, whether male or female.

Of possible relevance to the fact that this case got to court is that the plaintiff was either married to or was herself a lawyer, going by the name of the law firm representing her.

If you want to read the whole complaint click here.


Credit: Kevin Underhill and his great blog Lowering the bar.

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