Monday smile – Rubber duck racing directives

5583456438_159beaf8eb_zLast week I discovered a whole new world – that of rubber duck racing. Am I the only one to have remained in the dark?

It turns out that rubber duck races are used for fundraising worldwide. However, the Wisconsin legislature has decided to ensure that these fiendish activities are carefully regulated…

So a rubber duck race must comply with all of the following:

(a) The ducks are placed in a waterway and the first duck to cross a finish line represents the winner of the raffle.
(b) All of the ducks are made to be unsinkable and unbreakable.
(c) A number written in waterproof ink is on each duck and the number is the same as one that is on a single ticket that was sold for the raffle.
(d) All of the ducks are of the same size, shape, and weight.
(e) The waterway is free of obstructions.
(f) The race begins with all of the ducks being held behind a barrier and the barrier then being removed or with all of the ducks being dropped by means of a device into the water at the same time.
(g) All individuals present at the race are prohibited from touching, hindering, or moving the ducks while they are in the waterway.
(h) The winner is determined by the use of a chute or some other entrapment device that is located at the finish line and that traps the ducks, one at a time, in the order that they cross the finish line.

The whole Bill can be consulted here.

Don’t you just love their sunglasses?


Credit to Kevin Underhill for bringing this fantastic sport to my attention.

2 thoughts on “Monday smile – Rubber duck racing directives

  1. My actual thought: ‘Hmm, duck racing legislation… about damn time’. I feel like such an overachiever now…

    Very funny indeed!

    Karolina Karczmarek-Giel
    Office Assistant

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