Guest post – Summary of European Lawyers Rome Event 2014

guest bookToday I am very grateful to Lorena Elena Stanescu for kindly agreeing to give us a flavour of what went on at the European Lawyers Rome Event 2014, held in May.

Lorena is a Romanian lawyer and specializes in contractual issues relating to incoming foreign investment and the energy sector. She is also researching a PhD in Comparative Private Law, analyzing the legal traditions of France, Germany and Sweden. Lorena has a great interest in languages and, as well as her native language, speaks English, French, German, and Italian.

Final Programme

  • The Changing Landscape of Doing Business in Europe in 2014
  • The Future of the EU, Changes in the Tax and Regulatory Landscape, and Changes in EU in Investment Policies.
  • What Happens if Something Goes Wrong with a Deal
  • Cutting Edge Issues Arbitration and Litigation Issues in the EU
  • Investing in Europe
  • Real Estate, Cross-Border Transactions, and Changes Needed to Attract Foreign Investment in the EU
  • The Lawyer and The Business Landscape in the EU
  • Major Issues in European M&A law and Corporate law in 2014

Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Romam

On 2-4th May, 2014, the Città Eterna (Rome) was the host of the European Lawyers annual event which brought together lawyers, regulators and legal professionals from more than 20 European countries interested in sharing views on the manner of future changes in European Union law.

The organizers, the law firm Ketenci & Ketenci and Zagamilaw offered us the opportunity to attend a series of panels chaired by high-level speakers who presented the latest jurisprudence of the ECJ and the main challenges of the most recent initiatives at EU level in matters of tax and regulatory law, arbitration – ICSID¹ practices, mergers and acquisitions law and real estate.

The network of young and multicultural lawyers proved their commitment to European values and their clients within debates on a wide range of subjects, starting with the harmonization of legislation, going through sensitive compromissory clauses and, finally, a lively discussion about professional ethics governing lawyers in Member States of the European Union.

Not forgetting the social dimension of our work and the need to understand the economic, cultural and political issues facing our international clients, we shared our practical experience on a “multi-jurisdictional” level.


¹  International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

* * *

To find out more about the event, see the European Lawyers website.


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