Conference – 8th Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics

institut_2014The Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private and Comparative Law is holding the 8th Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics, organized in collaboration with the other members of the Network of Jurilinguistic Centres, on July 11, 2014 at the Faculty of Law of McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

The theme of this year’s Institute is “Language, Law and Otherness” which will allow participants to reflect on justice and our relations to others through the lenses of legal language, legal interpretation and legal translation, as well as linguistic rights.

Methodologies for legal translation as well as issues regarding the different meanings of legal terms in foreign languages will be discussed from a European perspective. This will provide comparative perspectives and exchanges. Practical and theoretical issues with respect to translating legal decisions, commentaries and legislation will also be examined. The Institute will also allow participants to study questions of legislative interpretation, as well as problems regarding linguistic rights from an aboriginal perspective, and finally language policy issues from a philosophical point of view.

This 8th Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics will thus offer an opportunity to exchange ideas on legal translation and interpretation, access to justice and protection of linguistic rights with the benefit of European and Canadian perspectives.


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