United Nations termbase beta

world_dbs2UNTERM provides terminology and nomenclature in subjects relevant to the work of the United Nations. Information is provided in the six UN official languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic), and there are also entries in German and Portuguese.

The database was compiled over the years in response to the wide-ranging demands of United Nations language staff. Its aim is primarily to facilitate the work of United Nations staff members and other people around the world who participate or are interested in the Organization’s activities.

A new interface has been made available here, and is still being developed and refined. Feedback is invited.

The screenshot below shows an entry for “juge“. Filters can be selected for the different databases that are currently still being merged, and searches can also be filtered by domaine or subject. The short FAQs page is worth reading to optimise the way you use the termbase.

Let me know what you think!



2 thoughts on “United Nations termbase beta

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  2. Thanks for sharing, how interesting! I tried v.g. with “embargo”, and got interesting results. Have requested an account, and added it to my usual list of resources at my web browser, following the FAQ instructions.

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