Quebec’s Official Gazette now free access

The end of this week has a decidedly Canadian flavour after yesterday’s post about McGill.

In December last year, Quebec’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General Jean-Marc Fournier announced the filing of a draft regulation aimed at making the Gazette officielle du Québec available free of charge on the Internet. The regulation is now in force and allows free access to Parts 1 and 2 of the Gazette on the website:

Part 1 contains the Gazette itself, while Part 2 includes French and English versions of laws and regulations that can be downloaded in PDF form.

However, translators may be interested to know that by clicking on the tab “Lois et règlements” > “Recueil des lois et des règlements du Québec” > “Liste alphabétique”, they will be able to download bilingual HTML versions of hundreds of laws, which can easily be aligned to make a parallel corpus or translation memory for a specific field.

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