Symposium – Corpus Analysis in Legal Research & Legal Translation Studies

geneve quaiThe Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (TRANSIUS) at the University of Geneva is holding a “Symposium on Corpus Analysis in Legal Research and Legal Translation Studies” on 3 June 2016.

“The potential of corpus analysis as a methodology for researching legal language, legal translation and law is nowadays undeniable. However, the number of systematic, publicly available corpus studies in these fields is still limited. The creation and exploitation of corpora for specific research purposes entail addressing multiple methodological questions on the parameters for corpus building and corpus querying, as well as key decisions on the selection and adaptation of suitable tools.

In order to explore these issues, the interdisciplinary Transius Symposium on Corpus Analysis in Legal Research and Legal Translation Studies will bring together legal, translation and linguistic researchers working with different corpora in national and international contexts. They will discuss how to make corpus analysis more accessible and fruitful in applied research. The advantages and challenges of using different types of corpora ―monolingual or multilingual, comparable or parallel― and analytical methods will be examined from various interdisciplinary angles. Corpus-building criteria, query strategies and corpus analytical tools will be illustrated with practical examples.

This one-day symposium continues the Transius tradition of exchanging experiences and best practices. It is open to all interested audiences, including scholars, practitioners and students in the fields of Translation Studies, Law and Linguistics.”

The programme and registration information can be found here.


The symposium will be preceded by an optional seminar on corpus querying and statistics for corpus linguistics led by Dr Aleksandar Trklja (University of Birmingham) on 2 June.

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