TermFolders from the European Parliament

Yesterday, the Terminology Coordination Unit at the European Parliament released a number of multilingual TermFolders, available as an Excel file which can, with some tweaking, also be integrated into a CAT tool.

TermFolders are prepared by TermCoord for the translators of the Parliament as an early warning procedure about upcoming legislative texts, in cooperation with political instances and the Directorate of Translation.

Although some of the folders do not include many terms, the fact that they relate to current, “particularly important, and linguistically or terminologically problematic, legislative procedures and packages” makes them worth looking at, in my opinion. I found the set on tax rulings particularly useful for my purposes.

You can find out more and download the folders here. Michael Beijer has commented that the format is not the best for translators, but I guess every little helps…


Hat tip to Lucja Biel @Lucjab for making me aware of this release.

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