Job opportunity – Intercultural & language professional

The European Parliament has decided to organise an open competition for the Directorate-General for Translation. The competition notice covers 10 languages: Spanish, Danish, German, Estonian, Greek, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Finnish.

Based in Luxembourg, intercultural and language professionals facilitate communication, in their mother tongue, between the European Parliament and the general public. They are required to use clear language in all aspects of their work, while taking into consideration the cultural context of the country or countries in question. They translate and localise content for reading, listening or viewing purposes, revise the work of colleagues and provide non-legislative drafting support and editing services to authors. They are also required to adapt content in their mother tongue. 

The tasks of intercultural and language professionals are:

  • facilitating communication with citizens in clear language, in their mother tongue;
  • translating, adapting, transcreating and revising all types of content in or into their mother tongue;
  • working from at least two other official EU languages to provide intercultural and linguistic mediation (e.g. subtitling or linguistic adaptation of audiovisual content, podcasts and websites);
  • providing assistance with the drafting of non-legislative documents;
  • helping with training measures, terminology work and the development of IT and communication tools;
  • maintaining regular contact with the requesting services;
  • contributing to the quality assurance and control processes and ensuring that best practice is followed so as to optimise the quality of content delivered by DG TRAD.

The subjects concerned are often complex and generally deal with political, legal, economic, financial, scientific or technical issues in the European Union’s areas of activity.

The closing date for applications is 17.30 Luxembourg time on 10 June 2021.

Disclaimer: The above is provided as a heads-up only. Please refer to the recruitment website for all information.


Hat tip to John Evans and Ignacio Garrido for bringing this to my attention.


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