Book publication – Traité de juritraductologie

“Dans cet ouvrage, Sylvie Monjean-Decaudin met au jour une grille de lecture et pose les bases d’une véritable théorisation de la juritraductologie, qu’elle définit comme un nouveau champ d’étude interdisciplinaire à la confluence du droit, des langues et de la traduction, puisant ses racines dans les sciences juridiques et dans les sciences du langage. Bien que la traduction juridique ait des ramifications historiques lointaines, ce n’est que dans les années 1990 que la juritraductologie prend véritablement son essor.

Face au phénomène de mondialisation et à partir du constat de la vulnérabilité linguistique des personnes, l’auteure montre à quel point la question de la langue du droit est liée à l’accès à la justice. Au-delà des enjeux de traduction dans les instances supranationales et européennes, les États plurilingues et pluri-juridiques doivent également faire face à des défis spécifiques liés à la formulation plurilingue de leur législation.” Continue reading

W2D2023 – Full steam ahead!

I am delighted to announce that the conference programme for the conference “Legal Translation and Risk” is now fully final, and we are good to go for Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 January 2023.

Don’t miss out, if you don’t have a place yet, register now!

To make this conference another roaring success and make sure it raises awareness of legal translation globally and across all sectors, please share this news in any way you can – not just to legal translators but to lawyers and anyone with a stake in diligently translated legal documents. Continue reading

Call for abstracts: La traduction juridique – De et vers le français, regards lexiculturels

Un appel à communication est lancé pour le prochain colloque international organisé à l’Université de Lorraine à Nancy, France, les 4 et 5 mai 2023.

Les propositions de communication (en français ou en anglais) peuvent être envoyées avant le 30 novembre 2022.

La traduction juridique – De et vers le français : regards lexiculturels

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Conference – Transius 2022, Geneva

The Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (Transius) will hold its next international conference from 27 to 29 June 2022 in collaboration with IAMLADP’s Universities Contact Group (UCG). The conference will provide a forum for dialogue between scholars and practitioners with a common interest in legal translation and institutional translation settings more generally. It illustrates the Centre’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and advocating translation quality in the field. Continue reading

Upcoming news!

By popular demand, following on the success of the two WordstoDeeds Conferences, I’m delighted to announce a series of online Masterclasses for 2021.

The plan is for a series of Masterclasses every year on various aspects of legal translation. “The Benefits of Professionalization” is the theme for 2021. Five 3-hour online Masterclasses will take place – in June, July, September, October and November 2021. Continue reading

Guest post – Café traduction juridique

Today I am delighted to hand over to Nelia Fahloun, who translates from English and Spanish into French, specialising in corporate communications and legal translation, with a strong focus on international law and justice. Nelia is kindly reporting for us on a new legal translation initiative recently launched by Frédéric Houbert – the Café traduction juridique. To find out more, read on!

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What exactly is legal translation?

In the article below I wanted to provide some insights into the arcane world of the legal translator. The aim was to have some kind of go-to text that I could send people who have no idea what the profession is all about.

I hope readers will find it useful – some may find it informative depending on their backgrounds, and I would encourage any readers who feel that it could help to raise others’ awareness to share the post liberally. It’s all about roaring, don’t forget! 😉

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