International Criminal Court launches French and Spanish versions of case law database

On Friday, the International Criminal Court (ICC) launched the French and Spanish versions of the ICC Case Law Database (CLD). The CLD is an easily searchable database of the Court’s jurisprudence providing free access to the entire case-law of the ICC in English, and to the available translations in French and Spanish. Continue reading

Resources – Free and low cost legal research (US)

The Mendik Library, within New York Law School, brings together a list of resources for free or low cost legal research. The focus is on the American legal system, but the materials could be useful to many legal translators.

As NYLS says, the resources are also a great way to get started with research if you don’t have access to paid databases or if you want to get an overview of a topic before using potentially expensive searches. Continue reading

Online access to European case law

Do you spend time searching for case law? Thanks to one of the academic authors, I have just been made aware of a really useful 179-page report published earlier this year entitled On-line Publication of Court Decisions in the EU: Report of the Policy Group of the Project ‘Building on the European Case Law Identifier’.

The report contains extensive comparative research on the online publication of court decisions in Europe. Continue reading

New features on Google Scholar for US case law

Search Button On KeyboardThe Google Scholar interface ([com or your country code]) is named for its function of searching academic articles. However, it has ‘hidden’ extras – such as a search of patents, and a search of US case law.

Since the end of last year, the search can be refined by court jurisdiction – as you can see from the partial screenshot below (click to enlarge). The search can also be filtered by date range.

Continue reading

Factsheets on European Court of Human Rights case law

The Press Service at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has published a series of Factsheets on subjects ranging from data protection to trade union rights, and from detention to social welfare.

The Factsheets describe important jurisprudence at the institution and there are currently 36 available – in English, German, Russian and French.