What exactly is legal translation?

In the article below I wanted to provide some insights into the arcane world of the legal translator. The aim was to have some kind of go-to text that I could send people who have no idea what the profession is all about.

I hope readers will find it useful – some may find it informative depending on their backgrounds, and I would encourage any readers who feel that it could help to raise others’ awareness to share the post liberally. It’s all about roaring, don’t forget! 😉

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New web-radio programme by the French Ministry of Justice

Earlier this month, the French Ministry of Justice launched a new series called Femmes de droit through their website. The first woman to be interviewed was Sylvie Monjean-Decaudin, a legal translator of Spanish to French and university professor teaching international commercial law and trade in Spain and Latin America to linguists, as well as legal translation, at Cergy-Pontoise near Paris.

You can listen to the interview (in French) here, and also download a transcript if you prefer to read it.

Monjean-Decaudin was also a speaker at a conference on legal translation held in Lyon in 2010, the video proceedings of which (in French) can be accessed here.

The Ministry website also offers a wide selection of profiles of individuals in the French legal system, from judges to clerks, that you can access here.