Book publication – La traducción de contratos de compraventa inmobiliaria

The translation of real estate contracts, and in particular between Spain and Ireland, is the subject of a new book co-authored by the estimable Miriam Seghiri and published by Peter Lang. It is available in ePub, PDF and hardback formats.

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English-Spanish / Spanish-English legal dictionaries

Today I am delighted to tell you about two Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionaries of Mexican and US legal terminology. They were kindly brought to my attention by their author, Javier F. Becerra.

It is important to stress that the dictionaries not only provide translations of legal concepts, but also include explanations of such concepts in the target language and in some cases examples of use.

Javier studied law at the Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City and after graduating in 1967, undertook postgraduate studies in England, in the field of comparative law at Cambridge University, as a member of Trinity College. He worked for more than 40 years with a leading Mexico City law firm, first as an associate and then as partner and managing partner.

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