Banking glossaries

OujdaIn the current climate, I thought these glossaries from central banks and a couple of other sources might be of use…

I’ve excluded those with annoying or inefficient interfaces, and those that don’t contain a great deal of information.

By the way, if you’re wondering, the picture on the right is the central bank in Oujda, Morocco.


Oesterreichische Nationalbank in Austria (German & English – more comprehensive than the glossary of the Bundesbank in Germany IMHO):

Reserve Bank of Australia (English):

Bank of Canada (English & French): Glossary and Financial System Lexicon

Banque de France and the Comité consultative du secteur financier (French only):

Bank Indonesia (Indonesian & English):

Central Bank of Ireland (English only):

Bank of Italy (in Italian):

Banque centrale du Luxembourg (French only):

Banco de México (Spanish only):

Banco de Portugal (Portuguese only):

Swiss National Bank (in German, English and French):


A few more that are worthy of note:

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) glossary of (EN) terms used in payment sand settlement systems:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s collection of industry glossaries (EN):

Various Japanese resources published by Mizuho (in Japanese and English: (update: now available through the site search tool here).

The very extensive Reuters Financial Glossary in English (click on words for definition):

And of course the OECD glossary I posted about here,

The updated International Monetary Fund (IMF) glossary in my post here,

and the UBS Dictionary of Banking in Italian, German, English and French (pull-down menu at the top):


Greece, Corinth CanalDo write in and share any more that you know of – or any comments on the above.

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  1. Juliette! You have done it again! Thanks. Your blog is stimulating, helpful and elegant among other complimentary adjectives. Keep on blogging!

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