Job opening – International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

800px-Netherlands,_The_Hague,_International_Criminal_CourtThe United Nations in The Hague is seeking a Translator/Revisor (French) at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

The incumbent should have French as a mother tongue and an excellent command of English. Knowledge of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian is an asset.

Responsibilities are described as follows:

“The incumbent of the post revises and/or translates a variety of texts, mostly legal, from English into French, respecting the deadlines and using the appropriate terminology. S/he must aim at a high standard of accuracy, consistency and faithfulness to the spirit, style and nuances of the original; observes the established terminology and usage; ensures, as far as possible, consistency with other translations produced in the Unit. Must maintain a certain speed and volume of output, due account being taken of the difficulty of the text and the specified deadline. S/he counsels translators with a view to refining their skills and overall performance and assists them in solving particularly difficult problems which require specialized knowledge and linguistic insight. S/he reports regularly to the Head of the Unit on the performance of the translators. Identifies new terminology material and submits it for the consideration of colleagues. Performs any ad hoc functions as required.”

Closing date: 04 October 2013

Greece, Corinth CanalDisclaimer: The above does not contain all details of the job opening and is provided as a heads-up only. Please refer to the United Nations website for all information.

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