Translations of Swiss legislation

500px-Flag-map_of_Switzerland.svgThe Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation make available translations of legislation online.

Acts, Codes and Ordinances are available in the following areas:

  • State – People – Authorities
  • Private law – Administration of civil justice – Enforcement
  • Criminal law – Administration of criminal justice – Execution of sentences
  • Education – Science – Culture
  • National defence
  • Finance
  • Public works – Energy – Transport
  • Health – Employment – Social security
  • Economy – Technical cooperation

The English translations are, however, offered “for information purposes only” – German, French and Italian are the official languages.

The English texts are available from here. Once you have clicked on the text that interests you, click on the languages (to the top right of the page).

For the official languages, clicking on the third tab along the top (Droit federal>Droit interne / Diritto federale > Diritto interno / Bundesrecht>Landesrecht) will give you access to similar lists.


4 thoughts on “Translations of Swiss legislation

  1. I was already familiar with the site. Unfortunately the option of a bilingual display (as in the previous Eurlex version) is not available. Anyway thanks a lot for pointing out the English translation!

    • Yes, it is a shame Flavia. However, it is quite easy to create a bilingual/multilingual corpus/TM/glossary from them. Or just to look up the different versions if you only need a particular Article or set of Articles.

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