Swiss financial markets legislation

576px-FINMA,_Haupteingang_Einsteinstrasse_2,_BernFollowing on from last Friday’s post on the federal authorities’ translations of legislation, today I thought you might like to know about the translations of laws and ordinances made available by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

FINMA has gathered together laws and ordinances by sector:

  • The supervisory authority itself
  • Banks
  • Insurers
  • Stock exchanges and markets
  • Collective investment schemes
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Mortgage bonds
  • Auditing.

You will find the list under the “Regulation” tab of the website here, under “Laws and ordinances” on the drop-down menu. A number of laws are available in German and/or French and/or Italian, as well as in English, and some links will in fact take you to the relevant legislation within the federal site described in last week’s post.

The FINMA website as a whole is a mine of information. You may have to dig around ;-), but there are all kinds of documents to be found – practical guides relating to collective investment schemes, civil judgments relating to insurance law, regulatory circulars, and all sorts of other goodies. 🙂

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