Stop press: Forum – Justice pénale internationale, Limoges, France

limogesI have just been informed about a very interesting conference to be held this Thursday and Friday, 1 & 2 October 2015, in Limoges, France – Forum de l’IiRCO sur la justice pénale internationale et transitionnelle en espace francophone: La question de la langue du procès. 

I’m told that it’s not too late to register, so if you can get there, hurry hurry!

As you will see from the programme, there are many highly eminent speakers. Well worth the trip. My personal take is also that it’s great to see so many judges discussing language issues.

The five sessions taking place over the two days are:

Session 1 : Les enjeux
Session 2 : La francophonie devant la justice pénale internationale
Session 3 : Les langues à l’audience
Session 4 : La langue comme véhicule d’une culture juridique
Session 5 : Les questions de la langue dans la justice transitionnelle

For the full programme on the venue website, see here. A brochure can be downloaded from here.


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