Conference – Convergence, Contact, Interaction, Trieste, Italy

Trieste, Risiera San Sabba

Trieste, Risiera San Sabba by Giacomo Carena


The Department of Law, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies of the University of Trieste has announced an International Conference on Translation and Interpreting: Convergence, Contact, Interaction, to be held at the University of Trieste on 26-28 May 2016.

“The idea of the Trieste Conference is to create a common space for reflection based on the topic, the area, the subject or the discipline in which Translation and Interpreting are both enacted as a service to society.”

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline (max 400 words excl. references): 31 December 2015
  • Notification of acceptance: 31 January 2016
  • Deadline for registration and payment: 30 April 2016


…to include the following translation and interpreting (T&I) areas:

  • T&I in law
  • T&I in economics
  • T&I in politics
  • T&I in medicine
  • T&I in sport
  • T&I in tourism
  • T&I in science and technology
  • T&I in entertainment, art and culture

Further details can be found on the conference website, which is available in English and Italian (the official conference languages).


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