Monday smile – Business jargon, from castles to unicorns

As regular readers will know, I have quite a fascination with the wackier realms of business jargon. Hope you enjoy these…


“Investing in companies with clearly defined, defensible, competitive advantages that are likely to last upwards of 20 years.” This is madness! What’s next? Profit?!

Source: U.S. News & World Report

unicornUNDERCORN / • noun

A “unicorn” is a private tech startup valued at more than $1 billion. (Think Uber or Airbnb.) But the moment investors stop believing in a unicorn, its magic evaporates, and it turns into–an “undercorn.” Nope, I don’t get the pun either.

Source: Fortune

pruneauxPRUNES / • noun

If unicorns are disruptive startups worth $1 billion-plus, then “prunes” are the companies they disrupt, which are “literally shriveling before our eyes.” Rather like these absurd metaphors.

Source: Lou Kerner


The above extracts come from The Jargonator, a list of corporate buzzwords by Ben Schott at INC.


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