Job opportunity – Associate Translator, WIPO, Geneva

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is seeking applications for the post of Associate Translator, in the French Translation Section of the Language Division of the Administration and Management Sector, located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The application deadline is 23 March 2018, 10:59:00 pm (local date and time).

The Language Division is responsible for delivering comprehensive and high-quality language services in relation to:  the translation of treaties and other international instruments administered by WIPO, national legislative texts, documents for the Assemblies of Member States, publications, reports of meetings and conferences and working documents for committees of experts and other bodies, and the WIPO website; and the provision of interpretation services for the meetings of the WIPO Assemblies, committees and meetings organized by the various sectors.

The incumbent undertakes translation work in French that meets quality and quantity standards, and participates in terminology and other related work. The incumbent works under the supervision of the Head of the French Translation Section.

For further information see the WIPO website here and in French here.

It is stated that the post is a one-year contract, and that recruitment for this position will lead to the establishment of a roster for future recruitments.


Disclaimer: The above does not contain all details of the job opening and is provided as a heads-up only. Please refer to the WIPO website for all information.

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