Monday smile – Fined for singing (out of tune)

In London, a man has been fined by a local council for his attempts at karaoke. His Saturday night attempts at imitating Abba, Dire Straits, New Order, Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Parton generated 150 complaints.

He was prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act and has been ordered to pay £2,748 in fines plus costs and a victim surcharge.

“I admit I’m no singer but I have a go”, said the man. 😊

Resources – Free and low cost legal research (US)

The Mendik Library, within New York Law School, brings together a list of resources for free or low cost legal research. The focus is on the American legal system, but the materials could be useful to many legal translators.

As NYLS says, the resources are also a great way to get started with research if you don’t have access to paid databases or if you want to get an overview of a topic before using potentially expensive searches. Continue reading

Training – Legal Drafting

Tomorrow, Thursday, 1 April 2021, at noon-2:00 p.m. (EST), the Kimble Center for Legal Drafting in the United States has announced its second seminar — free to lawyers, law students, and anyone else interested in improving their professional writing.

The seminar will be presented by Professors Joseph Kimble (WMU-Cooley), Mark Cooney (WMU-Cooley), and Patrick Berry (University of Michigan). These three experienced and widely published experts will pack 30 useful tips into a fast-paced two hours. Continue reading

Monday smile – Video conferencing etiquette

Today’s smile is a ‘polite’ one. 😊 

You might imagine that etiquette is a thing of the past. However, it is still going strong, as a way for individuals and businesses to improve social skills, gain a competitive edge or up their game when it comes to cross-cultural entertaining.

In this video, etiquette coach William Hanson from The English Manner gives some suggested tips as to how to effectively video conference from home with colleagues and co-workers.

He works all over the world, including in Europe, America, China, south-east Asia, GCC countries, and Russia, and is a trusted advisor and trainer to many official households, embassies, businesses and academic institutes.


Continue reading

Resources – Tax Worldwide

In the same vein as Thursday’s post on guides to property and related law, you might be interested in a resource offered by the accounting and professional services firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited).

The Worldwide Tax Summaries series used to be published annually in PDF format, but this ceased in 2018/2019. The older guides may, however, be useful if you are translating a non-current document. Continue reading

Training – Financial Markets

Lots of legal translation texts have references to finance – I would almost say that the fields of law and finance are impossible to separate in many areas. So you may find this course useful.

Offered by Yale University in the USA and taught by Nobel prizewinner Robert Shiller, this beginner’s guide to “Financial Markets” is available on Coursera, the MOOC platform, and is free unless you require a certificate. Continue reading

Book – Mulheres e Justiça

Following on from my last post about “In Her Words“, I feel sure that those of you who read Portuguese will be interested in this book – also on pre-order from the publisher Editora Juspodivm, link below, where you can find sample pages, list of contents, and videos by the authors.

O livro Mulheres e Justiça: os Direitos Fundamentais escritos por elas tem por objetivo contribuir para a consolidação de uma cultura jurídica sensível à temática da equidade de gênero. Nosso intuito é o de lançar luzes sobre a importância de valorizar o papel da mulher no cenário jurídico – da mulher escritora, pesquisadora, profissional, titular de direitos e usuária do sistema de justiça. Desse modo, esta coletânea é escrita somente por mulheres, com textos sobre os direitos das mulheres ou com reflexões desenvolvidas a partir de uma perspectiva feminina.

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Book – In Her Words

For International Women’s Day 2020, women gathered in six continents to have their photographs taken as part of the ‘Face the Future’ campaign – a celebration of gender equality and diversity in the law. Little did they know that these celebrations would be occurring on the verge of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a profound effect on women and threatens to undo decades of progress.

In Her Words features the portraits and written reflections of this diverse group of women, all united by the legal profession, on the extraordinary times that followed that photoshoot and what they expect for the future. Continue reading