Guest post – Traduction du contenu juridique – le juste milieu entre rigueur intellectuelle et impératifs commerciaux

Today I am really pleased to be able to offer you a post in French, by Manuela Ciuruc. She has some interesting suggestions about working with agencies.

Manuela is a translator and lawyer-linguist who works in French, Romanian and English. She has worked for large international groups, and took the prestigious Masters juriste-linguiste at the University of Poitiers, as well as a Masters in Translation Studies. She worked on the translation of the Romanian Code of Civil Procedure.

The full title of the post is “Traduction du contenu juridique – le juste milieu entre rigueur intellectuelle et impératifs commerciaux (Faudrait-il toujours imposer les principes de qualité en traduction juridique en tant qu’indépendant, lorsque votre collaborateur direct n’y semble pas intéressé ?)“.

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Compendium of legal translation courses offered by universities (2016)

Red Glossy Pictogram "Education"This post updates and replaces my 2012 compendium. As I haven’t found this kind of guide elsewhere, my aim is to give you a flavour of the legal translation, legal linguistics and legal interpreting courses available at universities worldwide.

Please contact me via the sidebar if you know of others that I have not included here.

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