Tax word soup

Now given that tax is a serious matter, I couldn’t really include this in a Monday smiles post, but this selection of taxes from Wordnik is both interesting from a lexical point of view (I certainly hadn’t heard of “pannage”, “piccage”, or “scutage” before!), and also quite fun (a *beard* tax?!).

You may know of or use Wordnik (I posted about it here – The dictionary on steroids) – a useful dictionary resource also including a thesaurus, examples, contexts, and even tweets.

Stainless steel pot with coverHere is a taster of the tax word soup, but you will find the link to the full list below. Enjoy!

  • A beard tax
  • A chimney tax
  • The sheriff-tooth tax
  • A tax on candles

You can find more taxes as well as definitions and histories on the Wordnik blog here.