Puppet Masters

puppermasterI came across a great resource packed with information about corporate and financial structures – The Puppet Masters – a report published by the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR), which is a partnership formed by the World Bank and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to help end safe havens for proceeds of corruption and to facilitate more systematic and timely return of stolen assets.

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Call for proposals – International Conference of Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation

alicanteThe University of Alicante in Spain has issued a call for proposals for an International Conference of Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation to be held from 29 to 31 May 2014. The deadline for submissions has been extended to October 27 (so hurry up!).

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Corporate finance glossary

I recently came across a very comprehensive glossary on treasury, risk and corporate finance, published on the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) website. ACT is based in the City of London, and is a professional body defining standards, promoting best practice, and supporting continuing professional development.

The glossary in monolingual (English only), but covers a wide range of terms, and is well cross-referenced. You can find it here: http://www.treasurers.org/glossary

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