Conference – The Price of Translation, Turku, Finland

The University of Turku, Finland is hosting the XVI Kätu Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Studies, on the theme of The Price of Translation, from 13-14 April 2018.

The conference will examine questions such as: How much are translators and interpreters paid today and who pays them? What did translation cost a thousand, a hundred or fifty years ago? Can a price be defined in other ways than money? How is the constant state of flux of the translation industry reflected in the well-being of translators? How does tendering affect the quality of translation and interpreting? In which circumstances do the negative aspects of translation outweigh the benefits? Can translation research have any negative effects?

The theme will be approached, for instance, from the following points of view:

  • Cost efficiency in the translation and interpreting industry
  • Questions of the quality-price ratio of translation/interpreting
  • The well-being of translators and interpreters
  • The past, present and future fees of translators and interpreters
  • The material and psychological costs of the increase of translation and interpreting technology
  • Translating vs not translating from an ethical perspective
  • Translation and interpreting as a means of oppression or manipulation
  • Ethical questions concerning research funding in Translation Studies
  • The dark side of translation research – does it exist?

For further information see the symposium website.

Each symposium is organised in turn by a Finnish university offering training for translators and interpreters together with the Teachers’ and Researchers’ Section of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL).

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