Guest post – Select Committee evidence on legal interpreting

guest bookToday I would like to present a most valuable guest post from Dr Yvonne Fowler, who gave written evidence to the UK’s Justice Select Committee as part of its investigations into what can only be described as an outsourcing fiasco.

I believe that Dr Fowler’s paper covers the key issues in a clear, incisive and succinct way, and that the points raised can easily (and should) be transposed to apply to court interpreting globally.

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UK Justice Select Committee Report published

800px-UK_-_14_-_architechture_of_parliament_buildings_(2996839565)The UK’s Justice Select Committee has published its report on the outsourcing of court language services to Capita/Applied Language Solutions by the Ministry of Justice (see this previous post for more details). The report comes after an inquiry in September 2012, and the collection of evidence via an online forum (see this post).

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Stop press – Official forum to collect evidence on UK court interpreting scandal

The ongoing scandal in the UK relating to the outsourcing of court interpreting services to Applied Language Solutions/Capita (see this post) reached the Parliamentary select committee last week, which can watched online at:

The Justice Committee has launched a call for evidence as an online forum (kudos for being so up-to-date!) but it will close in two days, on 2 November 2012.

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