Small but important victory – eJustice portal

On Friday I happened upon the new beta version of the European eJustice portal. And discovered to my delight that under the menu entitled “Find a legal professional” we find “Legal translators/interpreters”!

Does anyone else share my delight about this? Many readers of this blog work hard to spread knowledge about the professions of legal translator and legal interpreter, and so often it’s an uphill fight against low status and lack of recognition. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of change!


By the way, the eJustice portal is a great resource which Continue reading

Happy Birthday WordstoDeeds!

Dear Readers,

Today marks one year from the launch of this blog, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all so much for reading, contributing and sharing here.

My aim, as you know, was to create a platform for bridges to be built between translators, interpreters, legal professionals and academia. I feel we have made a really good start, and look forward to continuing this virtual adventure with you all.

Warm wishes and thanks to all of you.

Poll results – How about inviting a lawyer?

As promised, dear readers, here are the results of the poll to find out who is reading this blog. A big thank you to everyone that participated!

We have a nice range of people from different areas, and it’s very interesting to see that lots of you have several roles – just like me!

If we want to build those bridges I keep talking about, I think it would be good to have some more input from more people who are legal professionals only. What do you think?

How about inviting a lawyer you know?

Legal translation conference in Lisbon, Portugal

On 7 & 8 October 2011, around 190 linguists and legal professionals from 32 countries gathered in Lisbon, Portugal to attend an international conference organized by Tradulinguas in collaboration with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Issues covered included comparative law, technology and e-resources, methods at the EU, and terminology, presented by speakers from all over Europe and beyond. The conference was a forum for much stimulating debate.

Here is the view of one attendee:

Details of the conference can be found here:


Welcome to the first post of a brand new blog devoted to promoting links between the translation and legal professions. 

As a legal translator for the last twenty years and currently researching a PhD on a methodology for legal terminology, I am passionate about building bridges – both between academia and practice, and between translators and legal professionals.

I hope to make this blog a forum for a wide range of topics in these fields, and will also be inviting guests to write entries for the blog. Do let me know what you think!