Pre-conference event #W2D2017 – A Practical Workshop on using Corpus Linguistics for Law

WORKSHOP Vector Letters iconIn addition to the post-conference seminar Common Law in French and Civil Law in English – Bijuralism and Bilingualism à la canadienne!, I have great pleasure in announcing another event – this time before the conference, on Friday 3 February 2017 in the afternoon, entitled “A Practical Workshop on using Corpus Linguistics for Law“. There will be two workshops on that afternoon – the second one can be found here.

This workshop will be run by Dr Gianluca Pontrandolfo, who is both a practising translator and an accomplished academic (he is the author of Fraseología y lenguaje judicial: Las sentencias penales desde una perspectiva contrastiva, on compound terms in criminal law). He currently teaches at the prestigious University of Trieste Department of Legal Sciences, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies (formerly SSLMIT). Dr Pontrandolfo is a speaker at #W2D2017, where he will share tips and tricks from his experience translating the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure.

Attendees will gain insights into the language used in legal texts of all kinds. The workshop will be of interest not only to legal translators, but also to those analysing legal language for other purposes.

The presentation will made in English, with examples from various languages. The event will be free of charge, being supported by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study in London. Registration is required: to book click here.


As with the post-conference seminar, I hope this news will make it possible for even more of you to sign up for the #W2D2017 Conference – Legal Translation to the Next Level.🙂🙂

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