Publication – Justement traduire

The proceedings of an excellent conference held on 11 and 12 May 2017 at the University of Toulouse (which this blogger actually attended!) are now available online. The conference approached translation from the point of view of comparative law and also embraced historical perspectives. Continue reading

Book publication – Langues et langages juridiques

Published two weeks ago… if I’m not mistaken, following a colloque held in Bordeaux in 2018. Very interesting – and great to see the approach of getting different actors around the same table. 😊

Au-delà de l’approche classique et purement juridique par le droit comparé et l’étude des droits étrangers, l’ouvrage privilégie une approche pluridisciplinaire élargie, associant des juristes, des linguistes, des traductologues et des didacticiens autour d’une même thématique : la question des langues et des langages juridiques.Continue reading

Comparative law report on Rome II Regulation

Readers may be interested to know that a Study on the Rome II Regulation (EC) 864/2007 on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations has been published by the European Commission.

The 824-page study conducts a legal analysis and assessment of the practical experiences and problems of interpretation in the application of the Rome II Regulation for the period 2010-2020, in order to support the Commission in the future review of the Regulation. Continue reading

Private Law Dictionaries and Bilingual Lexicons (FR/EN)

The Paul-André Crépeau Centre of Private and Comparative Law at McGill University in Montreal makes available its Private Law Dictionaries and Bilingual Lexicons.

The website gives access, in their French and English versions, to the following dictionaries: the Private Law Dictionary, 2nd edition (1991), the Private Law Dicitonary – Obligations (2003), the Dictionary of Private Law – Property (2012), the Private Law Dictionary – Family, 2nd ed. (2016). The Private Law Dictionary-Successions is in progress, and will gradually be added to the database. Continue reading