Extensive collection of resources on international trade

Today I would like to share with you a great resource on international trade (only available in English, Spanish and French at present – sorry to the rest of you) called Juris International.

It is the result of a partnership between the International Trade Centre, the Center for Research in Public Law at the University of Montreal, Canada, and Juripole from the University of Nancy, France.

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Abbreviations & acronyms – the bane of my life

Now before you start getting jealous, I am not writing this on the beach. The picture (Away From Keyboard, in case you’re wondering) is just to try to combat January blues.

Today I have a wonderful discovery to share with you – the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.

Abbreviations are one of things that really irritate me. Just made to exclude others who are not “in the know”. Unfortunately, we have to use, understand, and, for some of us, translate these nasty little tikes. And OK, I will admit, sometimes, they can save quite a bit of time writing out long titles. Continue reading

New access to supreme court rulings in French

The Juricaf database has been freely accessible to the public since October this year, and includes almost 800,000 supreme court rulings from forty French-speaking countries, including OHADA countries as well as France, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium.

I love the clear and efficient interface too.

The project is a joint initiative of AHJUCAF, the Association of francophone supreme courts (50 members), and the Laboratoire Normologie Linguistique et Informatique du droit at the Sorbonne University in Paris. It is supported by the Organisation internationale de la francophonie and other organizations promoting the French language.

In the mid-term there is a plan to produce multilingual thesauri, in particular to assist legal professionals from common law jurisdictions, which sounds very interesting indeed.

My thanks go to Library Boy, an Ottawa law librarian’s blog, and the excellent Legal Informatics Blog for their posts on the Juricaf database. This post is by kind permission of AHJUCAF.