e-learning – FR/PT notarial practice, company/business law, law of obligations,& family law

Tradulínguas, based in Lisbon, Portugal, and organizers since 2005 of online training and webinars, as well as in-person translation workshops and conferences, are offering three e-learning courses for translators working from French into Portuguese. The first is entitled “Notarial Practice”, the second “Civil Law: Obligations and Family”, and the third “Company and Business Law”.

The trainer is Dr. Francisco Telhado, qualified both in law and translation, who works with the Court of Justice of the European Union and has also been a freelance translator for many years from French to Portuguese in various fields, especially in law.

The brochures about the courses can be found here (Notarial Practice) as well as here (Civil Law: Obligations and Family) and here (Company and Business Law).

Regarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship of any kind with the company Tradulínguas, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

e-learning – EN/PT legal translation

Tradulínguas, the organizers of last year’s Lisbon conference (see my post here with a link to a report by Philippa Hammond) are offering an introductory course on legal translation delivered electronically. The trainer is Dr. Ana Soares, whose abilities as a lively speaker I can vouch for, having experienced them in person. She is registered as a lawyer in Portugal and as a solicitor with the Law Society of England and Wales, and teaches legal concepts at the Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração in Lisbon, as well as being a legal translator.

The brochure on this e-learning course can be consulted here. Deadline for applications is 12 November 2012.

Credit: Thanks to Jillian for writing in about this.

Regarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship of any kind with the company Tradulínguas, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

Plain language in Portugal

I watched this excellent TEDx talk some time ago, but mentioning it to someone recently reminded me that you might be interested. As you may know through the blog, my position on plain legal language is somewhat mixed – due to concerns about precision and expert interpretation. However, I certainly do agree with improving accessibility.

Sandra Fisher-Martins runs Português Claro, a training and consultancy firm that introduced plain language in Portugal and has been helping Portuguese companies and government agencies communicate clearly since 2007.

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Trilingual termbase for the Portuguese Parliament

The Textual and Terminological Database for the Portuguese Parliament [BDTT-AR] is the result of a collaboration between the Portuguese Parliament (Assembleia da República) and the Centro de Linguística da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. I was introduced to this project by Rute Costa, Raquel Silva and Zara Soares de Almeida during their excellent presentation at a recent conference.

BDTT-AR is a multilingual database (Portuguese, English and French) that contains terms used within the Portuguese Parliament. Terminological information has been retrieved from texts produced within this institution, and thoroughly checked with the different working groups involved – linguists, terminologists, translators, documentalists and specialists from the different Parliament areas.
The BDTT-AR is conceived as a continuously updated dynamic database.

For me, the groundbreaking feature of this project is the collaboration between all of the above professional and multidisciplinary groups, as well as the fact that this precious resource has been made freely available. Let us hope that it will be used a model for similar future initiatives based upon cooperation.