International Law Seminar, UN Office at Geneva

337px-UNOG_2The International Law Seminar, the first of which was held in 1965, takes place on an annual basis and aims to enable postgraduate students or young university teachers specialized in international law, as well as young lawyers working in the international law field, to widen their knowledge of both the work of the International Law Commission (ILC) and of the codification and progressive development of international law. It also provides an opportunity for lawyers coming from different legal systems and cultures to exchange views regarding items on the agenda of the ILC.

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Openings for UN interpreters & translators

UN_General_AssemblyThe United Nations has advertised some openings for interpreters, and for translators, to be located in either Vienna, Nairobi, New York or Geneva.

As far as I can see, languages currently sought are:

  • English interpreters (from French and Russian)
  • French interpreters (from English and Spanish; English and Russian; or English, Spanish and Russian)
  • Arabic translators (from English and at least one of the other official languages of the United Nations (Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish)

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Online volunteering with the United Nations

Surprised that you can volunteer online? Well, you can! I’ve been doing this for a number of years now, and thought I would share the information with you, because I don’t think that many people are aware that they can help out from their desktop.

Why volunteer online?

“Volunteering online is an opportunity to support the cause of sustainable human development working from a computer anywhere in the world. Volunteers do not need to travel and have a great degree of flexibility in volunteering the hours that fit their schedule.”

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